At The Craft House in Saltaire- next set of 5 creative writing classes start in May….

The website advert for the next 5 week course and the drop-in sessions up to July is live:-

A 5 week creative writing course Wednesday 23 May to 20 June 2018 inclusive: 10am – 12pm.

You can book through the website, phone or pop in to the Craft House- there are a max of 6 places.

I am also running a stand alone writing workshop on Friday 4 May 10-1pm at the Craft House- on writing/editing and submitting short stories.


DeadCades information- which writers for which decade….

Saturday, 14 April 2018

DeadCades – Anthology Announcement and Flash Fiction Submission Call

Here it is, everybody, the last of our time-themed anthologies at The Infernal Clock. Until now, you have only had hours and days but this time we give you DeadCades. This book weaves its dark stories from the 1880s through the Swinging Sixties and desolate Seventies, and then sprints into the future, finishing at 2020.

From across the globe, Australia, the USA and Europe and from the Bram Stoker nominated to newer contributors to the world of dark fiction, you will find a wealth of talent in this latest anthology. We are pleased to announce our author line-up as follows:

1880s     Deborah Sheldon

1890s     Martin Fuller

1900s     R. J. Meldrum

1910s     Sian Brighal

1920s     Alyson Faye

1930s     Chris Milam

1940s     Sal Page

1950s     ChristopherLong

1960s     Robert Lupton

1970s     StephanieEllis

1980s     StuartConover

1990s     David Shakes
Drabble: Marc Nash

2000s     Ruschelle Dillon

2010s     Marie McKay

2020s     AJ Walker

In addition, we are inviting all our flash friends to contribute a drabble for each decade. If you would like to be included in this anthology, send your drabble (100 words exactly, excluding title) in to us at As these slots are filled, we will update the Infernal Clock website so you can see where the gaps remain.

Deadline – June 30th 2018

Expected publication date – October 1st 2018

Content: nothing extreme or gratuitous please.

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Ebook giveaway !!!!!

Devil Dragon was shortlisted for the Australian Shadows Award “Best Horror Novel of 2016”.

(I read this and loved it- great action thriller)

The giveaway will run for about two months – until my June newsletter comes out. Open exclusively to newsletter subscribers. The winner will be picked at random. Only the winner will be notified.

Book review

The Horror Tree is a resource for writers, posting submission information on open markets plus articles, news and interviews.

UK author Alyson Faye reviews my collection, Perfect Little Stitches and Other Stories, for The Horror Tree. She writes, “Sheldon is very good at packing in a great deal of detail and terror into a few pages, never outstaying her welcome. This collection should be on every horror reader’s list for 2018.”

You can read the full review here.

DeadCades- latest Horror anthology from the Infernal Clock publisher- including a story from me…. and a few other folk of course…

DeadCades: Decades of the Damned

Here is the image from co-editor David Shakes twitter feed today- launching the news that the 3rd and final part of Infernal Clock’s horror trilogy – based on decades hence the witty pun on the title is in the works and the book is due in October 2018.

Shakes and co-editor on Horror Tree Steph Ellis are the talents and driving forces behind the Infernal Clock books.

I have been asked to write a story for this latest anthology and chose as my decade:- the roaring 1920’s-

– the decade of Clara Bow, Elinor Glyn’s IT quality, Valentino died, talkie movies arrived, the jazz babies danced the latest dance, the Charleston, til dawn in their flapper dresses high on coke and the joy of the end of the Great War (not yet renamed as WW1), Amelia Earhart flew across the Atlantic, and at the end of the decade in 1929 the Wall Street Crash rang the death knell on the fun and hi jinks of the ‘Lost Generation’ epitomised by F.Scott Fitzgerald’s  novella’The Great Gatsby’ (1924).

There is much material here to get my teeth into and I’m excited to be part of this venture.



Undercliffe Cemetery at the Lodge 1st spoken word open mic event….

Great evening, well attended, a mix of poetry and flash fiction, warm supportive audience, lots of laughs- run by Irene Lofthouse and Undercliffe Registrar Andy Manning, will meet regularly 2nd Thursday of the month– so next one is:-

Thursday 10th May at the Lodge, 7.30pm start or 6.30pm for the tour before hand.

Here’s Christine reading, me snapped in the bottom left corner in bright pink.

The famous Bradfordian sphinxes watch over the city….

New piece of Gothic flash out on line ….

If you click the link it will take you to my submission for ‘Tell a Tale- Gothic Fiction’ competition for Theatrecloud and if you do like it, could you click on the little red heartindexThank you.

There are 1000’s of entries – well tonnes anyway- so no chance of winning but nice to have the piece up there.

It’s inspired by my course at Undercliffe Cemetery- and is the prose version of a prose poem piece I’ve penned. (Lot of p’s in that sentence-)


Interview with Mandie Hines; writer, blogger and horror enthusiast.

This is an interesting and insightful interview on writing flash fiction and the horror genre- from a website I have been published on, who run regular flash comps – worth checking out.

Horror Scribes

Hi Mandie and welcome to Horror Scribes!

Please tell us a bit about you and your writing.
As a writer, I like exploring the unknown, from the human psyche to the supernatural. Whether I’m writing horror or another genre, I enjoy capturing moments of human vulnerability. I’m intrigued by places with unexplained phenomena, and sometimes use them as starting points where the unravelling of the tale will fill in the mystery left in real life.
I’m currently working on editing my first horror novel, and I also write poetry, flash fiction, and short stories for literary magazines. I have a deep desire to help other writers, so I write a blog with writing tips and tricks to help and encourage other authors. And I’ve created an online writing community that has brought together over 100 writers in my town, which is an impressive number for the small size of our…

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