While I was teaching and tutoring in Birmingham in the 1990’s, I wrote lots of poetry (one even got published in The Lady magazine) and several children’s books. Two of which were taken up by Collins and Ginn.

Paperback – 24 Apr 1998 by Alyson Faye Available to buy off www.amazon.co.uk or www.ebay.co.uk


Moonshine (New reading 360) Paperback – 22 Aug 1994 available from www.amazon.co.uk


My story in the book is called Nathan and the Games on the Moon. It was inspired by a pupil I tutored from an Afro-Caribbean family.

I had a long break from writing while I raised my family but I started back about 4 years ago with a creative writing class run by the WEA tutor poet James Nash in Otley and gradually I found my writing mojo again.

Apart from writing, I sing, swim, eat a lot of cake and chocolate, watch old films especially film noirs, read books on the cinema, go to the cinema a lot and share my home with 3 rescue cats who rule the house,  my spouse and teen son.




Morgen Bailey has awarded me 1st and joint 2nd in her monthly 100 word Flash competitions in the last year;  (A Guy for the Children)

Helen Yendall ran a 100 word competition where you had to include certain random words. This was tricky but fun – I won with my flash piece, called Treasure Hunt.


Treasure Hunt – by Alyson Faye

Our little gang of scavengers always take a vote before we head out. We’re democratic that way.
That January day, the waste ground behind the newly built skyscraper won.
It was Billy who found the doll, lying in the frosty tipped grass. Weak sunshine gleamed on her glassy eyes.
Shoving it at me, Billy rubbed his hands on his denims, ‘Yuk, it’s slimy. Here Jem. You have it.’
None of us had toys, so this was real treasure. Grabbing the doll’s tiny hand, I instantly recognized it.
From the ‘Missing’ poster. The lost girl was holding it.

www.onthepremises.com awarded me 2nd prize in one of their mini comps and paid me actual dollars!!!

David Wing runs www.zeroflash.org and holds monthly Flash fiction comps (up to 300 words) – I won with Cathedral Crow back in June. What was really fun about that one was his in house illustrator drew me a picture to go with my story and I got to judge the next month’s entries- oh the power!!

Here is artist Sophia Johnson’s fantastic illustration for my Flash fiction piece below.

'Cathedral Crow' - Illustration by Sophia Johnson, based on an original story by Alyson Faye

Daggerville – the games company – I heard they ran a free monthly writing comp via Facebook- I love that word – FREE. I entered in July – it was on the theme of ‘Wax’- and I won Waterstones vouchers with my entry Doll– which should be listed on http://www.daggerville.com/pages/hall-of-fame-2016.  Well one day when they update the site it will be.


About a year ago I wrote a slightly longer piece of flash fiction, (still under 1000 words though) with the title – Children’s Games.

I really liked it and it got shortlisted by www.theshortstory.co.uk in their January competition, so I thought great! But nowhere I sent it thereafter accepted it! I thought- well stuff them- I’m going to keep sending it out there ‘cos I believe in it. There was however a change in fortune for the piece around the corner, for in June Aussie indie press Raging Aardvark run by Annie Evett longlisted it on Facebook and on Annie’s blog at https://annieonwriting.wordpress.com and then to my huge joy shortlisted it; the final 14 were announced in July and my piece was in there! Much celebrating!

The anthology ‘Twisted Tales 2016’ is due out this autumn in both e book and print format.

It was a huge validation for me that Children’s Games had merit and my belief in it had not been misplaced.

Autumn 2016 – My fiction will also be appearing in Black Pear Press- ‘A Cache of Flashes’ and Otley Writers Group own book, ‘The Pulse of Everything’.


Commercial short story website run by editor Rosemary Kind (great name isn’t it?) which publishes stories for people to download and pay for.

I follow writer Patsy Collins‘ blog- her tips and advice have been hugely  helpful- and she recommended submitting to Alfie Dog to her blog readers.

I have a couple of stories on the site, one’s a ghost story and one’s a feel good chick lit story set in Saltaire.



November- are publishing ‘Children’s Games’ and ‘3d Audrey’ as free downloads readable on iphones; plus a photo of me on their writers’ page; my fiction is under New Releases.

Find them on :-   http://writers.etherbooks.com/