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In Darkness Calls there are ten tales of the supernatural, the macabre and the weird for you to enjoy. They are set in Yorkshire – in a museum on Christmas Eve night where an ancient evil stalks, in a derelict church in Halifax where ghost children roam, in a Gothic cemetery where a boy finds himself stone-struck, and in other stories, women transform into magical powerful beings, and Krampus visits a Victorian family. In two new stories, never before published, Plague visits a village riding a dragon and a little girl takes a trip on a ghost train at the funfair, which is a once in a lifetime experience.

Here are the story titles. The ones with an asterisk by them are previously unpublished.

The cover is courtesy of an image off Pixabay and the title font, colours and formatting was done brilliantly as usual, by Alex Williams.


A Gift for Krampus

Dear Sweet Evangeline

All The Lost Children

Night Skating

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear- One Christmas Eve

Jacob and the Angel

The Ghoul’s Train*

Fallen Angel

Plague Rider*

In The Frame

All The Lost Children is set in Halifax and a derelict church near Denholme, which was up for sale and is now being converted into apartments. I couldn’t help but wonder, what if the ghosts didn’t want to leave the graveyard?

 Jacob and the Angel is set in Undercliffe Cemetery, Bradford which is chock full of gorgeous Gothic gravestones.

Cliffe Castle, Keighley is the setting for It Came Upon a Midnight Clear … and especially the room stocked with the glass cabinets which are themselves full of stuffed animals and birds, whose eyes always seem to follow you and if you were alone there at night and something was waking up from its sleep?

There are two unpublished pieces, one of which, Plague Rider, was inspired by Arnold 

Bocklin’s 1898 painting (as above) and the other, The Ghoul’s Train, is set in a funfair, based on the kiddy rides at Bridlington.


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