Latest issue of FREE horror mag is out with a story of mine in it…other news… Saltaire Writers on zoom/submission ops for writers …

This e zine has been so supportive of my writing journey, and still continue to publish my work three years on.This is their 50th issue.

My story is Redemption and stars a massive snake – think Anaconda on steroids. You were warned.

Below is an exclusive preview of the opening:-

Tying the ropes around the boy’s bony chest and ankles, Lorcan worked as fast as his sweating fingers would allow. He stroked the boy’s cheek and watched his ribcage rise and fall. His own breathing was laboured. His task lay heavy upon him.Behind him the vines twitched and heaved, vomiting streams of bloody sap, sending out their own plant pheromone signals. Beneath Lorcan’s feet the earth wriggled in anticipation.It was coming.Lorcan bowed his head mumbled a few words, lingering to stare at the prostrate and unconscious boy child, drugged and oblivious, before Lorcan hauled himself to his feet and turned away. His annual duty performed.He trudged back to the waiting village, to the closed doors, barred windows and the accusing silence. He was one of them, yet he was not truly accepted. He had his own cottage–where no one visited him. His duties marked him out as different, special, chosen. A leper.He hated what he had been born and trained to do every summer solstice. He smelled the scent of marzipan in the air and knew the women in their kitchens were baking sweetmeats for breakfast. His stomach rumbled. “Papa, see he’s coming back. He’s –alone.” Jonas gasped in sudden realisation of what this meant. “But where is… ?”“Hush now, lad. He’s gone. Lost to the forest and the vines.” His father ushered his youngest back to his bed. At five years old Jonas was too young to understand the nature of sacrifice. His father thanked the great all giving father that Jonas had been spared this solstice and instead another family’s heart had been broken.“Papa, I don’t understand. Where’s Penn?”Penn, his playmate since birth, a bright-eyed lad, with the colouring of a raven and pale milky skin, lay asleep and dreaming in the guts of the forest. He dreamt of knights on horses, rivers filled with fish, running with the village boys and eating fresh baked cakes. The bulging hairy vines tightened their grip around Penn’s body, strangling his limbs, marking his flesh with their sticky sap and bright red buds, curling their fronds into his hair, holding him secure until their master arrived. Penn snored, adrift on dreams of a life he’d never live again . . .


It was lovely too to be long listed in a drabble writing competition too- down to the last 20.

We were asked to write around 100 words inspired by a photograph- below- and here is my entry, exclusive to my blog:-

Aurora Calling by Alyson Faye

I listen to the waves’ murmuring, the seagulls frantic busybodying cries, as I stand proud. Now I am disabled. They turned me sightless, stole my light; my soul. They locked my door and left me alone at the edge of the world.

I feel the sun’s heat on my concrete skin, but no hearts beat inside me. No men’s voices shout or weep. Once a year only do footsteps echo up my stairs, to maintain my consciousness.

A child approaches, waves and points, at the kite flying next to my blind eye.

I am, for a moment, no longer alone.


In other news:-

I am running Saltaire Writers on zoom once a month with prompts and the numbers are growing- if you’re interested in joining us and live around Bradford and Leeds please get in touch.


I am a Patreon supporter of this first rate American indie horror press run by Joe Mynhardt, and can recommend them for news, comps, free stories, writing tips and e-arcs.

They are currently open just this month only for novels and novellas submissions.


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Demain publishers (run by Dean Drinkel) are looking for stand alone horror/dark fiction stories for their next series of Short Sharp Shocks!

If you follow Dean on FB you will be able to see the latest posts and what other stories he’s published.

My SSS! was Book 18 Night of the Rider

still 99p for the e-book on amazon.

My story was around 6000 words, so I’d say if you’re going to submit stories to Demain that’s the short side of the sub length, you can go longer. Check with Dean.

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