Reading/editing/zooming- Arvon/watching films- being interviewed on BBC Radio Leeds -my round-up…

First off my Otley writing group mate, Alex has a new children’s book out in her Stick Man series which I beta read and enjoyed- it made me laugh and there are lots of activities to do/make/create at home with the kids.

This coming Monday 22 June at 1.15pm I will be chatting live on air to BBC Radio Leeds host Gayle Lofthouse before one of my flash fiction stories is read out (by someone else) on air.

Here is the link to the archived stories already read out in this story slot

BBC Radio Leeds goes out on 92.4 FM/95.3FM Digital


I took part in an Arvon zoom session this week listening to YA best seller author Emma Carroll, chat about her latest novel.

Emma Carroll

I’ve read all of Carroll’s books as I retain a keen interest in YA stories especially timeslip, supernatural and historical themed ones.

Arvon are running £5 ticketed on line talks with a series of authors during lock down. The likes of Monica Ali, Michael Morpurgo and Will Self will be appearing during the next two weeks.


During lockdown I’ve been watching some horror shorts (UK/US) on YouTube and Vimeo, including a few directed/written by female film makers and Black female film makers- some of these are outstandingly good and innovative and I wanted to share the links to my top 2 or 3.

Many thanks to Andrea Blythe’s fab e-newsletter ‘Once Upon the Weird’ for flagging up Wake and Danger Word as horror shorts to watch on line.


Wake Poster Bree Newsome to give MLK commemorative lecture Feb. 11 ...

Dir: Bree Newsome (2010) see photo above


‘Everybody knows if you’re fixin’ to GOSSIP, you gotta have a little dirt on somebody. And everybody knows if you’re fixin’ to BURY, you gotta throw a little dirt on somebody. But don’t everybody know that if you’re fixin’ to CONJURE, it’s best to take a little dirt from a body…’ So begins this Southern Gothic tale of ‘root-work’, self-righteousness and comeuppance.

You can watch it FREE here

Danger Word (2013)

Dir: Luchina Fisher

Danger Word Poster

Blurb:- A 13-year-old girl and her grandfather, hiding out in a wooded cabin after a plague, meet the challenge of their lives when her birthday trip to a trading post goes horribly awry.

Photo of Luchina Fisher

Luchina Fisher attends Build series to discuss their new ...

The Cold (2020)


The Cold Poster


Blurb:- After a catastrophic event leaves a couple stranded, a man must embark on a perilous journey to hunt for food and supplies, in spite of the ever-present threat of the mysterious shadow people and the extreme cold.


Kealen Patrick Burke’s work I’d come across as a book cover illustrator – especially the wonderfully creative cover for Stephanie Ellis’ Bottled horror novella published by Silver Shamrock.

Bottled by [Stephanie Ellis]


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