Dark Divinations

I’ve read/reviewed this Victorian set anthology in which Horror Tree’s Stephanie Ellis has a story, and really enjoyed it.

Stephanie Ellis

Dark Divinations 3dThis lovely anthology, Dark Divinations, was published recently and contains my story, Romany Rose. If you wonder why I chose the fortune teller automaton, it was inspired by the Milestones museum in Hampshire which contained a real Penny Arcade with a number of machines of differing ages. Graveyards, haunted houses, guillotines and creepy dolls were all there. Supplied with real old pennies, I worked my way around them all. This was the fortune teller in the arcade:

Milestones Madam Zasha fortune teller

A little research revealed such things were around in the Victorian era – I knew the other machines existed but hadn’t been so sure about this one – and once I knew it fitted the time frame, I was away. Romany Rose was born, read an extract below.

HorrorAddicts.net Press Presents: 

Dark Divinations edited by Naching T. Kassa

Book Trailer: https://youtu.be/ilQ-BfW6BRs

It’s the height of Queen Victoria’s rule. Fog swirls in…

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