Interview with Stephanie Ellis, co-editor at the Horror Tree, over on Silver Shamrock site, publisher of Bottled…

Interview with Stephanie Ellis about her writing path, her successes, life outside writing and hobbies…

including a mention of moi amongst other horror writers who hob nob on line with Steph and hang out in shadowy fictional alleyways cutting up bodies…

“I’ve mentioned Theresa Derwin who linked me to Dean Drinkel and they’ve given me writing opportunities and support. They’ve made me aware of other writers and I’ve started to meet some of them in real life – I’ve only recently started going to conventions – and I hope to get to know them better. On line, I have found these writers to be very supportive in terms of sharing my work.

I came across Christina Dalcher in the flash world and even published her on Horror Tree’s Trembling With Fear (TWF) and included a story of hers in an Infernal Clock anthology I co-edited with David Shakes. She in turn has recently read Bottled for me and kindly supplied a blurb.

From Horror Tree and my flash fiction forays, I’ve been able to find lovely people who have become beta readers for me. One of these, Kev Harrison, beta read a novel of mine, Five Turns of the Wheel, which I hope to see in print one day. He is now on This is Horror and has kindly said he will give Bottled a mention.

 Another person, who has become a good friend in real life, Alyson Faye, started off submitting to Horror Tree’s TWF, became involved a lot more with the site and then as we got to know each other, would often share my work online or put me forward for a nomination of some sort. We’ve met up at cons and we are very much each other’s ‘sounding board’ about the industry! She is a very good writer by the way and has also been published by Demain. She is so supportive of many writers and goes out of her way to help them…”

Steph also lent me her copy of The Rust Maidens by Gwendolyn Kiste , which next to Sarah Read’s The Bone Weaver’s Orchard, were my two absolute favourite horror novels I read in 2019 and I now seek their work out.

About Kiste Steph says:-

Gwendolyn Kiste. I read The Rust Maidens last year, a terrific read. Need I add I bought a copy for the school library as well as I think the older readers would enjoy it!….

SE: And Kiste is so supportive. I had a poem, Stringed Pearls, recently published in the HWA’s Poetry Showcase Volume VI. It was about Japan’s Suicide Forest (Jukai, or Sea of Trees). Kiste hosted a roundtable set of interviews on her own blog site and used that to promote the book. This is something I’ve come very quickly to recognize about the horror community, it is so generous….

The Rust MaidensThe Bone Weaver's Orchard

Steph is probably more into her music than films- for me it’s the other way round- but here’s her top 5 horror films:-

Your Top 5 horror movies?

SE: Night of the Hunter

(remember Robert Mitchum with Hate and Love tattooed on his knuckles? Terrified me when I first saw that movie late on BBC2 one weekend as a young teen and the kids escape down the river)

Night of the Living Dead

The Wicker Man (1973)

The Shining


(Us was one of my top movies from 2019- so clever, layered and pin sharp in its concept).

Us Poster

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