One more post squeezed in before the end of the year…

Siren’s Call ezine issue 48 is just out, available to download for free. I have two pieces in it- a drabble and a short story.

Here’s a screenshot of my zombie drabble below.

Screenshot from SC issue 48 Game time 2019-12-31 14-33-28.png

Ryan Benson and R J Meldrum (Horror Tree fellow writers are included) and Siren’s Call have been very supportive of my fiction and regularly published it giving me much needed confidence.

A collage of all the book covers and site logos where my fiction has appeared in 2019…and a review of the year month by month…

For fun I decided to collate all the book covers and site logos where my prose/poetry has appeared this year- a visual CV for my personal satisfaction.

You have to click on the file link and it will load up-

2019 collage of covers and sites

And below is 2019’s Writing CV :- it has been a brilliant year for me with my personal highlights marked in red. There has been a gradual shift towards the paying markets for my work along with 2 major solo publications from Demain Publishers – Night of the Rider and Maggie of my Heart. Thank you to Dean Drinkel for these opportunities.

I have enjoyed very much reading the reviews of my work, (big shout out to Steve Stred for his fab review of Christmas Terrors) as well as my appearances on local radio shows (BCB and Drystone) – huge and heartfelt thank you to those hosts (David Driver) and all the other interviews and promo pushes I’ve been invited to do online. (Gavin at Kendall Reviews – thank you for all your support).

The ongoing, valued and much appreciated support of the editors at the Horror Tree, Joanna Sterling at The Casket of Fictional Delights and the team over at the horror ezine, Siren’s Call, who have continued to publish my work during the year, and have helped keep me writing and to motivate me through all the many rejections.

Not forgetting everyone else who has helped me along the way- you know who you are.

For all the laughs/coffees/online chats/meet ups/tech support/residentials- thank you to Alex W/Martin Fuller/Jo C/Steph Ellis/Steve Cameron/Dave Driver.



CV 2019


11 Jan Trembling with Fear- Horror Tree will pub Unholy Trinity drabbles/10/1 Htree accepted 2 drabbles, Party Time and Scrap It

14/1 Jack of No Trades Nothing Sacred vol 5 Projected Release Date: April 1, 2019/horror magazine. Accepted my 2 sentence story and it’s PAYING publication Due out 10 May

26/1 Sirens call WinH issue issue 43 accepted flash horror piece Nanny


28/2 Drabble no 3 A Slippery Dish in writing writers drabble comp

28/2 Siren’s call winh issue 43 pub Nanny and drabbles

28/2 Read Marilyn poem and 3 Unholy Trinity drabbles out at Rhubarb open mic


1/3 Wordsmag short story comp (Lost Property) made short list

4/3 Adverbially Challenged ed Chris Fielden :- 100 word piece in this book.(This antho went onto get in top 10 on amazon and gain a special mention in Saboteur 2019 awards.

Gerald So has uploaded me reading poem Tiger Watching to Youtube (this was a first for me) Me and my son did the recording together.

15/3 Casket of Fictional Delights accepted for publishing flash piece Timeslip

22/3 Sirens Call #44 flash piece Hide and Seek


5/4 Demain Publishing accepted Night of the Rider for the SSS! Series of stand alone e book novellas- as Book 18 due to be pub in May.

8/4 Casket of Fictional Delights accepted Porky Pig! For pub and audio recording. (for 2020)

10/4 Gill James The Best of Cafe Lit 8 – my flash piece Budgies and Bingo is on the list.


30 April/1 May/2 May – Night of the Rider on pre orders reached no’s #9 in amazon kindle best sellers lists for horror short stories,

2/5 interview over at Demain publishing with me about Night of the Rider

8/5 Got a spot on BCB tomorrow 9/5 at 3.30pm to talk about Night of the Rider

8/5 Leeds Trinity University Mystery antho – overall ed is Oz Hardwicke accepted my piece Crow Girl;

11/5 Horror Tree accepted 2 drabbles, Out on a limb and Show Time


1/6 My short story, The Dolls House accepted by Twisted Wing Press for their antho Strange Girls: Women in Horror Anthology! Due out Feb 2020 (paying market) ed Azzurra Nox

10/6 issue 45 of The Sirens Call eZine.  Published 2 poems :- Heavenly Prisoner and Stone Boy

24/6 Drabble accepted by ed Kevin K Kennedy- The Necklace for his Horror antho drabbles vol 3

26/6 Htree accepted Traces (drabble poem) and drabble Sacrifice

29/6 The Third Corona Book of Horror Stories.’When Dead Eyes Weep’ made the long-list of 50 for inclusion as an ‘honourable mention’.


2/7 Bridge House publishers accepted story Sharing Mary for their Christmas antho Nativity.

6/7 Ladies of Horror blog -for their debut horror podcast my piece of flash -Run Ruby Run on Creature theme to be read on air.

6/7 Trembling with Fear –More Tales from the Tree is out on amazon to buy with my stories (a bonus original one) All the Lost children in and One xmas eve plus drabble;

7/7 Trembling with Fear, Year 2 antho is out in p/back and kindle on amazon containing short story,In the Frame/ a few drabbles and my short story, A Second Hand Haunting.

9/7 Paragraph planet 75 worder  Inspection

18/7 Timeslip up on Casket of Fictional Delights

19/7 Coffin Bell Journal accepted prose poem- Rebirth- for mag issue 3.1 of Coffin BellIssue 3.1 launches 1/1/20 on the theme of Masquerade.

27/7 issue 46 of The Sirens Call eZine.  Accepted reprint /re-edited version of The Tallow Chandler’s Relicts Valediction


3/8 Two drabbles accepted by the Horror Tree- Ink and Buttons


19/8 Sold, Mr Dandy (reprint) to Mortal Realms

20/8 Review of Night of the Rider up on Gingernuts of Horror

20/8 Steve Dillon of Things in the well accepted double drabble Crosscurrents for his erotic horror antho- Guilty Pleasures. (Ramsey Campbell’s work also features in this antho.)

20/8 Deadcades is up on the Bradford library catalogue to borrow.

28/9 charity antho for all Rejected stories, to raise funds for animals. Cd 20 August accepted reprint story Swan Song for pub

29/9 Horror Tree summer special published my drabble No Mercy


4/9 poem Carnival up on Voices blog for short listing for comp- where it made the final 12.

5/9 Kendall reviews accepted my Val Lewton horror article for their blog – In Oct and my interview to promote and support their review of Night of the Rider – for 1st week in October

10/9 added my details to ladies of Horror fiction directory on their site with links to books


5/10 Dean sent through cover designs for Maggie and contract etc

7/10 Review of Night of Rider and Interview with me up on Kendall Horror Blog

30/10 Horror tree accepted 2 drabbles :- Looking Glass Tale and Little Boy Lost


5/11 My profile is up on LOHF along with promo push for Maggie

5/11 Nativity antho is out from Bridge House with my story Sharing Mary in it

16/11 Poem, Blue Kisses accepted by Truth Serum press antho call out Indigomania (saw in Writing Mag)

27/11 Scary Snippets Xmas e book accepted flash piece ‘A Stitch in Time for Christmas’ (contract/royalties)


2/12 Sirens call issue 48 accepted drabble Game time and short story Dear Sweet Evangeline

16-18th I publish my mini collection as an e book and p/b version – Christmas Terrors via amazon. 19 Dec Steve Stred reviewed Xmas Terrors on Kendall reviews – 5 stars

20 Dec Scary Snippets: Christmas Edition by Suicide House Publishing is out on amazon e book/pback includes my flash story ‘A Stitch in Time for Christmas’


I am planning a change of direction in 2020- more of that later.

Merry Christmas to you all …

A slightly different post this one- not writing based- for a change. Below is a pic of the Intouch Foundation out in Bradford city centre last night feeding the city’s homeless out of the amazing food van. (It’s rather like a Tardis!)

If you are interested in finding out more – click on the above link.

Yesterday, my husband, Andy, volunteered, helping to serve over 80 meals – he’s the one right at the back, beaming, with the beanie on.

Later this holiday, he and I are doing a shift for Innchurches. I’ve come late to this type of volunteering; the longest stint I’ve done before was 2-3 years with the CAB in the West Midlands.

But as the numbers of the homeless rise in the UK, it’s an issue I’ve become, both more aware of, and more concerned about.

In Bradford the homeless can access a hot meal every evening of the week, which is remarkable, I think, but is not the case in every city.

Intouch foundation Andy Dec at van Bradford

To all my blog followers and friends who drop by to read my entries I’d like to wish you all a peaceful, healthy and safe Christmas spent with whomever you love.

Merry Chrismas 2013 - YouTube

Two reviews by me on two different horror sites of Alison Littlewood’s Seasonal chiller- Mistletoe…

Here’s the opening of the one on the Horror Tree:-

“A new Alison Littlewood novel is always an anticipated reading event. I’ve read her fiction for years, tracking her short stories through various magazines like Black Static and other anthologies, onwards to her 2011 novel début, A Cold Season, which became a Richard and Judy Book Club Recommendation. My personal favourite of hers is the Victorian Gothic  mystery thriller, The Crow Garden, 2017.

I attended the UK Ghost Story Festival at the Derby Quad in November 2019, where Alison Littlewood spoke. I treated myself to a hardback copy of her latest novel, Mistletoe, and set off with it clutched in my hot little hand to ask Alison to sign it.

From the gorgeous cover of mistletoe on the branch, to the setting on a snowbound farm in Yorkshire (the county where I currently live), Christmas proves itself the right time of year to read this book. This is a wintry themed novel, filled with chilling emotions (to start with anyway). …

and on Kendall Reviews;-

“However, I also knew I would be attending the début UK Ghost Story Festival at the Derby Quad in November 2019, where Alison Littlewood would be speaking. So I treated myself to a hardback copy of her latest, Mistletoe, (the cover is gorgeous and eery as though the Mistletoe is organic and carnivorous, I thought) and I asked Alison to sign it after her panel talk on Supernatural Shorts. While she signed we chatted after the event.

I asked Alison about how the breakthrough on the Richard and Judy list and TV show had felt and laughing, she answered it had been as though it was happening to someone else, it was overwhelming, as was sitting on the sofa with R&J, like ‘a startled deer’.

During the panel talk Alison referenced her latest book, and talked about ‘headlight plotting’ for her novels i.e. plotting as far ahead as you could see on a dark road with your headlights on. I rather liked this idea, it’s very much me as a writer.

Mistletoe has to be read at this time of year, I can’t envisage it working as a summer read on a beach quite as well. It is a novel very much in the Victorian tradition of M.R.James of a ghost story for Christmas. Indeed I could see it being filmed and shown on BBC1- maybe one day. It’s a very seasonal story, set just before and at Christmas, on a snowbound farm somewhere in Yorkshire (the county where I live), and the landscape is very much another character in the narrative.

Alison makes you, the reader, feel as though you are walking the frozen fields, and living in the run-down farmhouse with her protagonist, the newly widowed Leah, who has also tragically lost her son, too. She has, in haste, bought the farmhouse to start a new life and because Maitland Farm has historic family ties for her which she is desperate to reconnect with…”

Christmas flash fiction anthology is out with a dark tale in it from me…

called A Stitch in Time for Christmas

available as an e book and paperback

my piece is darkly humorous and a fun seasonal tale with a twist and a witch in it.

Hark how we tell
Sweet Christmas Hell
All us will say,
Throw cares away!

Christmas is near,
Bring holiday fear
To young and old
Snippets to be told!

Ding dong… ding dong
Horror we bring

One seems to hear
Screaming in fear
From everywhere
Filling the air.

Oh how spirits pound,
Raising the sound,
O’er hill and dale,
Telling their tale.

Gaily they write
Of people’s fright
Snippets of fear,
Christmas is here.

Merry, Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas,
Scary, scary, Scary, Scary Christmas.

Fantastic review for Christmas Terrors from Steve Stred at Kendall Reviews…

I first heard the name Alyson Faye earlier this year when I was recommended her Short Sharp Shocks! release from Demain. Sadly I still haven’t gotten around to reading that, but now, after devouring Christmas Terrors, I’ll be checking that out asap.

This collection is made up of six absolutely jaw-dropping stories and while it floats around the “Christmas Theme,” these are worthy stories of being read year-round.

We start off with “A Gift for Krampus.” This is a very dark tale sharing how a father creates a doll to fool Krampus. The imagery in this one is outstanding.

Next up is “All the Lost Children,” a ghost story about a lady not wanting the local church to be sold. Emotionally haunting, I really enjoyed this one.

Night Skating” may be the shortest story of the collection, but don’t let that fool you. It packs a wallop. We are introduced to two young boys. Best friends. They love winter and spending time on the frozen river. Then one night the one boy can’t go and Alyson makes sure to crush the reader. Phenomenal.

It Came Upon a Midnight clear – One Christmas Eve” keeps the emotional roller coaster going. We meet Luce, a young lady struggling with loss as Christmas approaches. So, as horror tales tell us is the norm – she buys a ouija board. Things go horribly wrong and we benefit because of it.

Now, up until here, the stories have been great, but the last two were stunning.

Jacob and the Angel” was a completely unexpected dose of horror. A young boy meets an angel. Two days later his father and his father’s helper find him wrapped in the angel’s wings. The rest is completely amazing and bonkers. Like a cross between Neil Gaiman and Adam Nevill.

But Faye didn’t stop there. We get the bonus story, “When Dead Eyes Weep.”

The most haunting and devastating story in the book, we arrive as a boy and his family prepare to take a mortuary portrait with his dead younger brother. As the picture is taken, he spots what he believes is a tear falling from the deceased eyes. Things unravel from there. I loved this story so much. It was morbid, creepy, unsettling and just destroyed me emotionally.

Outstanding stuff.

Saying all of that, I just want to make a quick statement about the cover.

This is a collection of previously released work (except for When Dead Eyes Bleed, which was a bonus.)

Yes, it has a premade cover template from Amazon. The picture is one that I believe Faye took herself. Inside are a number of pictures of churches etc as well.

I don’t want you to be put off or pass by this collection because of the cover. I can’t speak for Faye, but from my impression, it looks like she wanted to get a fun Christmas collection out in time for the holidays. I’m fine with that. I’ve interacted and chatted with Alyson a bit and she’s always been lovely and very encouraging.

So please, do take a chance and ignore the cover doubt that you may have. This is one of the absolute darkest and most satisfying collections I’ve read in some time.

I’m so glad I snagged this one, and I know you won’t be disappointed either.

Christmas Terrors

by Steve Stred

You can follow Steve on Twitter @stevestred

You can visit Steve’s Official website here

The paperback of my Christmas Terrors is up on amazon…

The paperback is now up for sale on amazon- so pleased to have managed this (with sterling help from Alex W aka Firna Rex Shaw and Eric Trum– check out her books on


The Stick Man With a Big Bum: A children's book for ages 7-12 PaperbackMaggie Moore and the Growing Surprise: (a children's book for ages 8, 9, 10, 11)Maggie Moore and the Secret School Diary: (a children's book for ages 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)More Fun With Stick Man Trum: A children's book for ages 7-12 Paperback

New Shallow Waters book out from indie horror publisher Crystal Lake- at 99p…

Shallow Waters—where nothing stays buried.

With 21 Dark Fiction & Horror tales diving beneath the surface of life, death, and the mystery that lies beneath.

Shallow Waters is the official monthly flash fiction challenge hosted by the award-winning Crystal Lake Publishing. Every month a new challenge is posted online, with authors submitting via email. The best submissions are then posted on Crystal Lake’s Patreon page (an exclusive behind the scenes community of readers and authors), where patrons read daily entries and vote for the winner. What you’ll find in these Shallow Waters anthologies include the winners as well as the most popular of our finalists. Stay tuned for more volumes in this series, or find Crystal Lake Publishing on Patreon to enter or vote on future challenges.

Volume four includes suspenseful stories of death, Halloween, twisted love, karma, and travel horror.

The Stick Man with a Big Bum and the Viking Adventure is out by Jonny Staples – a funny and educational children’s book…

Available to buy as an e-book and a paperback; I’ve just finished reading this (yes I do know the author) and it’s funny, inventive and at the same time offers up lots of information in an easy to remember fashion, about the Vikings for primary school aged children who will be learning about this topic at school.

There are lots of how to make/do activities and entertainments included – eg How to make a Longship out of a Juice Carton and and How to make a Viking Shield as well as games and Viking Jokes.

So this is a combo:- an entertaining read/a how to/ a fact learning and game playing book -all in one.

When my lad, now 17, was younger, he and I would have loved this in the days we were making dinosaurs worlds from play do and rocket ships from cardboard and tinfoil. Happy days.

The Stick Man with a Big Bum and his friend Jonny find a time travelling teapot and go back to Viking times. However, things don’t go as planned, and in their rush to return to the present day, they accidentally bring a Viking Stick Man back with them. The Viking Stick Man teaches them all about the Vikings and they have loads of fun. But someone wants to kidnap the tiny Viking, and the time travelling teapot is broken. What will they do?