Interview with publisher Dean Drinkel and a mention of Maggie and me…

Here is part of the interview below where Dean talks about Demain publishing.

“DEMAIN to some might be a strange/funny name but I’ll explain it. First it’s a mixture of mine and my French writing partner’s name (DEan and RoMAIN). It is also French for ‘tomorrow’ (our motto is ‘publishing tomorrow’s horror stars today’) and phonetically it sounds like demon—which I’m happy about.

It was a bit of a slow start as the artist I had to do all my covers, etc., had a personal crisis so had to drop out which left me a bit in limbo for a while BUT through Trevor Kennedy I was introduced to the brilliant (and life saver!) Adrian Baldwin and we haven’t looked back. Since March 2019 we have published almost 50 books in the Short Sharp Shocks! Series, a novella (A Quiet Apocalypse) by Dave Jeffery, House Of Wraxby Raven Dane, a Murder! Mystery! Mayhem! novella by Alyson Faye and a stand-alone/non-genre novella Joe by Terry Grimwood.

DEMAIN’s business model is that we publish everything in e-book form first and then move into print. As you can imagine it’s been an exciting but extremely busy time. We’re already reading for releases in 2021 as 2020 is pretty sown up.

Of late I’ve been building relationships with reviewers from all around the world which is really important as well as looking at aspects of marketing and where applicable ‘tie-ins’. There is nothing worse (and I can attest to this) than working damn hard on a book, having an exciting launch and then it dies of death. We’re working extremely hard to make sure the books, once out there, stay visible. What helps is the authors too and I have to say that I’ve been humbled/ honoured/impressed that they’ve stepped up to the plate and got us coverage on the radio, podcasts, interviews, etc.

I’m really happy that DEMAIN itself has been receiving some great comments/reviews. It truly means a lot and the fact that the hard work is paying off. A lot of this is down to the branding (as well as the great stories, which goes without saying) and Adrian’s covers.

We’ve now partnered up with Kendall Reviews which is really exciting. I’d love us to do more podcasts too and are currently looking at audio-books.

The future is extremely promising.


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