Today on Kendall Reviews – why I write horror and official announcement of publication of my crime novella…

Today on the great horror blog run by Gavin Kendall is my article on why I write horror (rather than say chick lit or romance) and mentions Dr Who and Phantom of the Opera.

“This whole writing horror thing wasn’t a life goal or even the only genre I ever read as a kid. It has crept up on me though and now it’s got a grip it’s not letting go…”

Anyone remember this guy? Did he scare anyone else aged under 10 at the time? He petrified me especially, for some reason, his hands which really freaked me out. Long sinewy with talons- Yuk!







IT’S OFFICIAL- DEMAIN ARE PUBLISHING MY CRIME NOVELLA- yes I am shouting it out!- and here is the first official sneak peak of the cover by the talented designer Adrian Baldwin, who did the cover for the Short Sharp Shocks series and Night of the Rider.

This 16000 word crime noir novella, is set in post-war Britain, c.1947, in Soho and Birmingham (where I used to live and work) and stars an escort girl, the Maggie, of the title, and her lover the spiv, Johnny.

Their crime filled relationship, at its heart lies blackmail, escalates to murder, so Maggie escapes into marriage to a wealthy older man. A chance meeting with Johnny years later reignites the embers of their relationship and sets them both on a fatal pathway.

Image may contain: camera and text

I am a life long film buff especially the Golden Age of Hollywood and the film noirs of the 1940’s starring Lauren Bacall, Lizabeth Scott, Jane Greer and Joan Bennett.

I’ve acquired a large extensive film biography book collection along with posters and prints and my walls are covered in film memorabilia; so I very much enjoyed blending my interest in the movies against the backdrop of  post-war rationing, nightclubs, crime and violence in London and Birmingham in Maggie of my Heart.

Joan Bennett inspired my creation of Maggie- both with her appearance and in her roles in the noir thrillers by Fritz Lang, The Woman in the Window, (1944) and 1945’s Scarlet Street (which I mention in the novella).

Read about the film here on IMDb

Scarlet Street Poster

This is the Joan Bennett image that inspired Maggie- gorgeous, vampish, deadly, dressed in black lace, – a woman no man could resist with red lips and long raven hair.

Joan Bennett in Scarlet Street (1945)

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