Kendall Reviews- today Night of the Rider is reviewed and I have an interview up on the site…and more news to come

A huge thank you to Gavin Kendall for inviting me on to his horror blog for the interview and kindly reviewing Night of the Rider too and for his lovely review.

” Alyson Faye’s contribution, Night of the Rider, turned out to be a great starting point for me in entering this collection….All this and the spot-on writing left me very much satisfied having read Night of the Rider. I hadn’t known what to expect, nor was I familiar with the author, but it turned out aces. I will be looking more into this series and author as a result. “

I am so delighted to have such positive comments. It’s made my day. The writer in me is so happy.

Here is the link to the interview on the site where I talk about my hobbies, writing, books I love, films I love and Cary Grant. I am very diverse in my interests!

Image result for image of cary grant

You find yourself on a desert island, which three people would you wish to be deserted with you and why?

I have more writing/publication news to share soon= coming to this blog in the next few days…


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