Night of the Rider in the kindle best seller charts/Kay Mellor at Square Chapel Halifax film festival/ Andrea Dunbar/Bill Nighy

Since I last posted on my blog I’ve had an exciting time tracking the ups and downs then the ups again of my ebook from Demain Publishing Night of the Rider (or as I think of it Knight Rider -remember the Hof and K.I.T. TV show?) in the amazon kindle horror shorts best seller charts.

It’s provided hours of happiness and much chat in the Chez Faye household – OK I may  have become a touch obsessive and boring but ….

I hit the heady heights of No 1 in Hot New Deals in Horror 6 May (see below)Screenshot from 2019-05-08 20-46-53 was #8th in hot new releases now #1.png

and back up the best seller charts to No 10 on 14th May.

Screenshot from 2019-05-14 23-36-39


Square Chapel in Halifax have been running a mini UP North film festival and related speakers – and on Monday I went to listen to Kay Mellor talk about her writing/acting career which launched with the hit TV series Band of Gold.

Related image

She was very honest, down to earth, interesting, funny and truthful about her struggle as a working class (from Leeds) northern female trying to break through the glass ceiling back in the 1980’s and 1990’s. She also discussed her friendship and mentoring of Bradford born writer the late Andrea Dunbar who is well known for writing the film’s screenplay of Rita, Sue and Bob Too (1987).

In one of those odd real life coincidences Andrea Dunbar is the subject of an article in the current Big Issue.


We went to watch a preview of the Brit Indie film, Sometimes, Always, Never starring Bill Nighy at Square Chapel,and it was shot around York and Pocklington Sometimes Always Never Poster .

Scrabble played a large part in the narrative- go see it when it’s out in June, it’s touching, warm, funny, sad, has the fabulous Jenny Agutter in it looking like a million dollars and brilliant support from Alice Lowe and Sam Riley. It made me cry.


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