The Dark Bites – a Collection of Flash Fiction

Here is the latest collection of dark fiction from Horror Tree co editor Stephanie Ellis, whose amazon author’s page can be found here;
She has an impressive CV of publications and her fiction is always entertaining and delivers scares and thrills. The latest collection is only £1.99 so dip in and savour. You won’t regret it.

Stephanie Ellis

This project is something I’ve been working on, off and on, for a few months. I’ve taken part in many flash fiction competitions online over the years, particularly as part of the group known as the FlashDogs – you may see some of them still on twitter taking part in #vss365, the microfiction challenge – and I thought it was about time I compiled them in one place.

I think I started in the flash fiction community way back in 2014, discovering MicroBookends first and from there moved on to Flash Friday, The Angry Hourglass, Three Line Thursday, FlashMoBWrites and occasional dips into others that were around at the time. I found it a great way to hone and develop my writing skills as well as getting to know other writers online – some I have even met in real life. This book is dedicated to the FlashDogs (literally, some…

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