Interview with me on Demain Publisher’s website with Dean Drinkel talking about Night of the Rider and other writing matters …

Here’s the opener:-

Author Interview – Alyson Faye. Night Of The Rider – Book 18 in the Short Sharp Shocks! series…


Book 18 in the Short Sharp Shocks! Series is Alyson Faye’s Night Of The Rider. Prior to the book being published, Dean and Alyson sat down and chatted.
DEMAIN PUBLISHING: Welcome Alyson to the Demain family. Night Of The Rider – what’s it all about?
ALYSON FAYE: Thank you. I began writing it on a residential in a Castle in Yorkshire in a huge Victorian library- so that helped my mood. I do enjoy writing Victorian Gothic stories, but this time I had the idea of combining it with a magical element, the cursed, once human Rider. I wanted to contrast the real world of Victorian London’s seedy underbelly, with life in the family’s country mansion where the myth of the Rider casts a long shadow.

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