Night of the Rider is in the Amazon kindle short stories best seller’s lists!!!

Today I woke up to find Dean Drinkel the force behind Demain Publishing

had posted on facebook that :-

“Well we must be doing something right!

Over at the Amazon UK horror short stories charts…

Number 9 – Night Of The Rider by Alyson Faye
Number 17 – Isidora’s Pawn by Erik Hofstatter (foreword by Simon Bestwick)
Number 22 – Dulce Et Decorum Est by Dan Howarth
Number 24 – The Darkest Battlefield by Richard Farren Barber, Paul Edwards, Terry Grimwood, Anthony Watson (an introduction by Adrian Chamberlain and poetry by John Gilbert).

Thanks to all our readers…”

I want to add my own thanks to all of you who have pre ordered a download, will do in the future or who simply have supported my writing by following this blog and reading my fiction over the last few years.


I asked Dean for a screenshot (cos I have an aged Nokia mobile) and he obliged-

Dean M Drinkel's profile photo, Image may contain: 1 person, suit and close-up

with one of the kindle charts , 24 hours later showing Night of the Rider

Night of the Rider cover

at number 21, now and ahead of Ramsey Campbell‘s latest.

I am so overwhelmed with giddiness today I don’t know how to sit quietly. This is a massive first for me. Dean’s promotion of the Short Sharp Shocks series and all my networks must be kicking in.

NIght of the rider ratings in amazon screenshot.jpg

Thanks everyone.


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