Night of the Rider in the kindle best seller charts/Kay Mellor at Square Chapel Halifax film festival/ Andrea Dunbar/Bill Nighy

Since I last posted on my blog I’ve had an exciting time tracking the ups and downs then the ups again of my ebook from Demain Publishing Night of the Rider (or as I think of it Knight Rider -remember the Hof and K.I.T. TV show?) in the amazon kindle horror shorts best seller charts.

It’s provided hours of happiness and much chat in the Chez Faye household – OK I may  have become a touch obsessive and boring but ….

I hit the heady heights of No 1 in Hot New Deals in Horror 6 May (see below)Screenshot from 2019-05-08 20-46-53 was #8th in hot new releases now #1.png

and back up the best seller charts to No 10 on 14th May.

Screenshot from 2019-05-14 23-36-39


Square Chapel in Halifax have been running a mini UP North film festival and related speakers – and on Monday I went to listen to Kay Mellor talk about her writing/acting career which launched with the hit TV series Band of Gold.

Related image

She was very honest, down to earth, interesting, funny and truthful about her struggle as a working class (from Leeds) northern female trying to break through the glass ceiling back in the 1980’s and 1990’s. She also discussed her friendship and mentoring of Bradford born writer the late Andrea Dunbar who is well known for writing the film’s screenplay of Rita, Sue and Bob Too (1987).

In one of those odd real life coincidences Andrea Dunbar is the subject of an article in the current Big Issue.


We went to watch a preview of the Brit Indie film, Sometimes, Always, Never starring Bill Nighy at Square Chapel,and it was shot around York and Pocklington Sometimes Always Never Poster .

Scrabble played a large part in the narrative- go see it when it’s out in June, it’s touching, warm, funny, sad, has the fabulous Jenny Agutter in it looking like a million dollars and brilliant support from Alice Lowe and Sam Riley. It made me cry.


MY radio interview is up on BCB’s site to listen to:-

A huge thank you to presenter Tina Watkin for inviting me on her show again – Afternoon Stretch for the 3.30pm-4.00pm slot chatting with her and Alan, about my latest e book which is out tomorrow, Friday May 10th on kindle, Night of the Rider published by Demain.

Here is the link

I chat about the inspiration for my story, getting it published and how much writers earn and how much work it is to get our fiction out there. My son sat in on the interview with me and we toured the studio after.

The Dark Bites – a Collection of Flash Fiction

Here is the latest collection of dark fiction from Horror Tree co editor Stephanie Ellis, whose amazon author’s page can be found here;
She has an impressive CV of publications and her fiction is always entertaining and delivers scares and thrills. The latest collection is only £1.99 so dip in and savour. You won’t regret it.

Stephanie Ellis

This project is something I’ve been working on, off and on, for a few months. I’ve taken part in many flash fiction competitions online over the years, particularly as part of the group known as the FlashDogs – you may see some of them still on twitter taking part in #vss365, the microfiction challenge – and I thought it was about time I compiled them in one place.

I think I started in the flash fiction community way back in 2014, discovering MicroBookends first and from there moved on to Flash Friday, The Angry Hourglass, Three Line Thursday, FlashMoBWrites and occasional dips into others that were around at the time. I found it a great way to hone and develop my writing skills as well as getting to know other writers online – some I have even met in real life. This book is dedicated to the FlashDogs (literally, some…

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Interview with me on Demain Publisher’s website with Dean Drinkel talking about Night of the Rider and other writing matters …

Here’s the opener:-

Author Interview – Alyson Faye. Night Of The Rider – Book 18 in the Short Sharp Shocks! series…


Book 18 in the Short Sharp Shocks! Series is Alyson Faye’s Night Of The Rider. Prior to the book being published, Dean and Alyson sat down and chatted.
DEMAIN PUBLISHING: Welcome Alyson to the Demain family. Night Of The Rider – what’s it all about?
ALYSON FAYE: Thank you. I began writing it on a residential in a Castle in Yorkshire in a huge Victorian library- so that helped my mood. I do enjoy writing Victorian Gothic stories, but this time I had the idea of combining it with a magical element, the cursed, once human Rider. I wanted to contrast the real world of Victorian London’s seedy underbelly, with life in the family’s country mansion where the myth of the Rider casts a long shadow.

Night of the Rider is in the Amazon kindle short stories best seller’s lists!!!

Today I woke up to find Dean Drinkel the force behind Demain Publishing

had posted on facebook that :-

“Well we must be doing something right!

Over at the Amazon UK horror short stories charts…

Number 9 – Night Of The Rider by Alyson Faye
Number 17 – Isidora’s Pawn by Erik Hofstatter (foreword by Simon Bestwick)
Number 22 – Dulce Et Decorum Est by Dan Howarth
Number 24 – The Darkest Battlefield by Richard Farren Barber, Paul Edwards, Terry Grimwood, Anthony Watson (an introduction by Adrian Chamberlain and poetry by John Gilbert).

Thanks to all our readers…”

I want to add my own thanks to all of you who have pre ordered a download, will do in the future or who simply have supported my writing by following this blog and reading my fiction over the last few years.


I asked Dean for a screenshot (cos I have an aged Nokia mobile) and he obliged-

Dean M Drinkel's profile photo, Image may contain: 1 person, suit and close-up

with one of the kindle charts , 24 hours later showing Night of the Rider

Night of the Rider cover

at number 21, now and ahead of Ramsey Campbell‘s latest.

I am so overwhelmed with giddiness today I don’t know how to sit quietly. This is a massive first for me. Dean’s promotion of the Short Sharp Shocks series and all my networks must be kicking in.

NIght of the rider ratings in amazon screenshot.jpg

Thanks everyone.