Contract with Demain Publishing for e book stand alone pub for my Victorian gothic horror story, – Night of the Rider…

It’s official! I’ve signed with Demain Publishing – the driving force behind Demain being writer/editor/film producer Dean Drinkel, to publish on May 10th, my longish short story, , as a stand alone e book in Demain’s Short Sharp Shocks! series. Mine will be Book 18.

The talented artist, Adrian Baldwin, has designed the series covers-  in black and red with white titles and authors’ names; the effect being reminiscent of a pulp magazine from the 1960’s.

Here’s the cover for Night of the Rider:-

Night of the Rider cover

I am delighted with the cover and how well the illustrator has captured The Rider, the cursed human who is forced to hunt for eternity until . . . Read the story and find out.

There will be paperbacks later in the year and the possibility of the story appearing in an anthology.

Various talented, well known and amazing horror writers have already been published in this series by Demain- the ebooks come out in batches of six-  here is an eg of some of the titles:-


all available from amazon.

I want to give a special shout out to a story which appeared in the first batch, by Horror Tree editor Stephanie Ellis, whose Asylum of Shadows, I had the pleasure and privilege of reading in its pre publication stage and thoroughly enjoyed and was creeped out by it.

This series is garnering excellent reviews –

and sales in the amazon kindle best sellers category for horror.

A bargain to download and read at 99p each, they are ideal for reading in one swift succulent bite scaring yourself before bed.



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