News… publications/charity anthology/2 horror films/ a contract…

March saw me have get back some of my writing mojo – hurrah- and have 2 pieces of flash fiction accepted- one bys The Casket of Fictional Delights and one by Siren’s Call; I also got a royalty payment from the super supportive editor/founder of the Horror Tree, Stuart Conover, for my story appearing in Horror Tree’s anthology Trembling  many thanks for all his hard work.

Trembling With Fear: Year 1 by [Conover, Stuart, Ellis, Stephanie]

This smart looking paperback anthology includes all the long short stories and all the drabbles from the Horror Tree site for it’s first year. It’s great to dip into and showcases many talents.


Christopher Fielden’s anthology ( see below for the amazon link) came out at the end of March – it’s to raise funds for the literacy charity First Story and I and a few writing mates have drabbles in it, where the aim is to use as many adverbs as you possibly uniquely and positively can do to tell a story. A fun exercise.

The anthology has made it into a top ten best seller list on amazon too-

No photo description available.


I have been to see not one but 2 horror films in the last 3 three weeks – Jordan Peele’s much anticipated follow up to his hit Get Out, was Us.

I enjoyed it hugely and thought like many critics that the lead actress Lupita Nyong’o gave an intense, focussed and layered performance in dual roles. Quite startling in fact.

Lupita Nyong'o in Us (2019)

Then today I’ve been to see the new version of Pet Sematary Pet Sematary Poster -. I’ve read the King novel and seen the 1980’s TV movie as well so this was familiar terrain, however it’s a well acted, creepy remake which I’d recommend.

Horror is having another moment it seems- back in main stream cinemas, pulling in the audiences, getting respectable and respectful reviews and making money.


Reading wise I’ve just finished Laura Purcell‘s second novel, (I saw her talk on a panel at Sledgelit, Derby last year- a quiet, sweet faced youngish woman too!) The Corset, a Gothic chiller with a seamstress as one of the lead protagonists and a middle class female prison visitor as the other. A novel idea.

The Corset: The captivating new novel from the prize-winning author of The Silent Companions

I love Victorian gothic chills and spills and this had the added interest layer of the sewing shop/seamstress apprentices and the glorious fabrics stitched into the narrative.


I have some more publishing news, which I’ve just heard about concerning one of my longer short stories verging on a novelette in length, but I am holding fire for a little longer before breaking the full news, partly because I haven’t signed the contract yet and we’re still finalising the details. I am so delighted though.



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