Are Retreats a Feminist Issue?

Alison Taft’s latest blog post on the value of writing retreats and building up a daily writing habit- Alison is mentoring me this year (hurrah!) while I tackle my biggest ever writing project – a crime novel. I am excited but nervous. Am I up to this? Currently am tackling my novel’s time line. I might need a bigger whiteboard in my study for this.

Ali Harper Writes

I spent the week before Christmas on a writing retreat in Whitby. I’m incredibly lucky to be friends with Anna Chilvers, writer and creative writing tutor extraordinaire. We tutor writing retreats together (held at Wentworth Castle in the summer) but we also retreat ourselves – to Whitby, where it’s  just me and Anna in a two up, two down house that clings to the hillside. It has no wifi, no mobile phone signal, no TV and hardly any heating. It’s the perfect place to write. There’s nothing else to do.whitby-15168_640

I once went to a talk called Things I Hate About Writing by Michael Stewart, author of the great book King Crow. Retreats were one of his top three pet hates. He said writing should take place in life, not away from it. I agree – writing has to be part of my routine or I’d never finish…

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