Poem written for an exercise at the Tuesday creative writing class I tutor at the Craft House in Saltaire- inspired by this image below…

grafitti image

Graffiti Guys by Alyson Faye

Here’s me and Dom

spray cans in hand,

strutting around town

in the post-midnight land.

Our world’s full of

underpasses and ubers,

concrete’s our canvas,

searching for that special wall,

which shouts to us

where we can create

our dream scape.

No way council funded,

‘cos we got chucked outta school,

no Art ‘A’ levels for us two.

We got the time and

we’ve got the talent

in our cans,

in our hands.

Me, I do abstract.

Dom’s thing is faces

empty-eyed skulls,

like his mum on valli

and his Dad on whack.

We spray what

we see and know.

There’s no bloody

GCSE for our

life skills though.




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