Marilyn and Sammy Davis Jnr – just love this photo

This terrific photo of Marilyn with her friend Sammy Davis Jr, taken by Frank Worth in 1953.

I’d seen photos of Marilyn in this dress before but not in the same shot as Sammy D- love the old fashioned glamour of Marilyn contrasted with Sammy Davis’ energy. Two amazing Golden Age of Hollywood greats in one shot.






My blog article on how I started writing horror is up on Gingernuts horror site today…


There is a review of Badlands too by Kimberly Wolkens which is favourable and honest. Thank you to both Kimberly and Gingernuts for giving me this opportunity to talk about my inspirations and influences which have led to me writing horror.

Kimberley said, “The stories I liked most within this collection were the ones that left me saying, “Whoa…” (and) reflect upon the feeling of being creeped out….Others tugged at my heartstrings…”



Selling a story and other news:-

Just had an email off US Mag publisher Silver Pen saying they love my YA story and will publish it in August Youth Imagination Magazine. This is a paying market, which took some researching on my part to find so I am doubly pleased. It’s great affirmation for your writing.

I also had a piece about why I blog on fellow Chapel Town author Allison Symes’ useful and informative writing blog I never thought I’d stick with this blogging habit but I have and I enjoy keeping my online diary.

In other writing news- I’ve written another horror blog article called ‘My Journey into Darkness’ for Horror Addicts site and entered a 300 word flash fiction piece for the Hexham Book Festival comp with the theme ‘Women on the Wall: Then and Now’-

“This competition celebrates the earliest example of a woman’s handwriting in Britain, found at Vindolanda Roman Fort, in the form of a birthday invitation to Sulpicia Lepidina, wife of the fort commander in AD100, from her sister Claudia Severa.”

Having studied Ancient History and Latin for my A levels (I know, I ask myself often why did I do that?- it made me virtually unemployable) I’ve always enjoyed Roman ruins and mooching around them. Here’s a pic of the aforementioned birthday invite :-

Interestingly the Vindolanda tablets are made from birch, alder and oak that grew locally; Tablet 291, written around AD 100 by Claudia Severa, the wife of the commander of a nearby fort, to Sulpicia Lepidina. The tablet has two handwriting styles, with the majority of the text written in a professional hand (thought to be the household scribe) and with closing greetings personally added by Claudia Severa herself (on the lower right hand side of the tablet).

I also squeaked in a horror story, to the fab and famous horror mag Cemetery Dance when it had a rare subs window.



Guest Writer Spot

My 1970’s inspired memory poem is on Esther Newton’s blog today- I don’t write much poetry these days, but sometimes it calls out to me- thank you to Esther for her ongoing support of my writing too and her very useful info on her blog. If you write you should add Esther’s blog to your sign ups.


This week’s Guest Writer will be a familiar name. Talented Alyson Faye has featured as a Guest Writer a number of times. It’s a pleasure to wecome her back with a super poem, which brings back many a memory:

‘70’s Child


Alyson Faye

Summer’s drawl, resonant with

scents of strawberries,

slippery helter skelter slides and

gleaming wet beaches.

Sandy sandwiches eaten

on stripy beach towels-

laid out amid the caravan circles.

Winter’s crawl, rumbling through

oak panelled school assembly halls,

blue thighed on hockey pitches

high voiced in choirs.

Polished oak desks

tattooed with ink scrawls.

Sharp edged exam papers and

detentions till dusk.

Steamed up windows on

bus rides home.

Stopping off for penny treats

at the corner shop.

Short cutting through back alleys,

yellow hoop in hand.

Satchel full to bursting,

kicking old coke cans.


growing upPicture credit:

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My interview with US horror writer T.J. Tranchell (up on the horror tree site)…

Photo of T.J below

and the opening question of my interview-

I read on your blog that you’d had a variety of jobs – one of which sounded great preparation (in a way) for your horror writing – being a haunted house monster- can you tell us something about your early years? And that eclectic mix of jobs?


T.J. – I was born on Halloween, so this is something that has always been a part of me. I had been involved in theatre during my early teens and when I was 15, I saw an ad asking for actors for a haunted forest. I couldn’t resist. I was picked and worked almost every night of the month. I took my birthday off and did a small haunt at my high school with friends. All of this was in Utah, which might not seem like a place someone like me would spawn from, but that’s my home.


So nice to hear after my mini break that I’ve had a story accepted by Bridge House Publishing, Angel’s Wing, in their new anthology, Crackers!

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Horror Tree have accepted another drabble from me-  Beneath the Ice;

Esther Newton, blogger and writer will be posting a retro themed poem of mine on 6 July, which reflects my childhood in the 1970’s.

A tribute book from Otley writers WEA class to their tutor James Nash, on his retirement, is available to buy on amazon and includes some of my fiction as well as much more from my Otley co writers.

The brilliant cover is inspired by James’s dietary preference for bananas. This is the 3rd book from the proactive and collaborative Otley group, spearheaded by Sandy Wilson who does such an amazing job at pulling all our fiction together.