Got a new 81 worder up on Christopher Fielden’s site…

To write 81 words and tell a story- to be included in the anthology and to raise funds for a charity- Chris Fielden invites us to submit our pieces- poised somewhere between a dribble (50 words) and a drabble  (100 words)- which I have dubbed a drubble– my own made up word for 81 words.

The Charity The 81 Word Challenge Supports

The 81 word challenge is supporting the Arkbound Foundation, a charity that aims to widen access to literature and improve diversity within the media industry.

Arkbound Foundation

I am a trustee of the Arkbound Foundation and we are working very closely with the charity’s sister project, Arkbound (a social enterprise publisher), to publish the 81 word challenge anthology. We plan to use money donated via this challenge to finance more creative writing workshops in the UK for people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

My piece is no 409 and here it is in its entirety…

The Germans Are Coming

by Alyson Faye

Me and Dad are watching a war film, cosy with mugs of tea and chocolate Hobnobs.

“One of them’s a double agent. Working for the Germans. Now, which one is it?”

I know, but I stay silent.

The film’s two stars, in camouflage whites, shoot guns, steal trucks and dice with death.

“Bloody Germans.” Dad stands up. Pointing. Red faced.

“That’s not PC, Dad, now, come on.”

I follow his finger.

I see, in his immaculate garden, two German Shepherds, fouling.

Thank you to Chris for running these mini writing challenges and raising awareness.



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