Interview with Stephanie Ellis, co-editor of The Infernal Clock

Here’s an interview I did with the horror writer Stephanie Ellis who also co edits the Horror Tree- on her writing journey with its ups and downs and where her top tips for writers.

Horror Scribes

“This is the time of the Infernal Clock, when the serpent sends his army out into the world to continue the eternal struggle. Their deeds are recorded in these pages, a small sample, one day in the life of tormented souls”
The Infernal Clock – stories compiled and edited by David Shakes and Stephanie Ellis

Stephanie recently met up with frequent Horror Scribes contributor Alyson Faye and kindly offered her insights into her journey as a writer and her involvement with The Infernal Clock – a blog that publishes anthologies of dark fiction.

How did you get into writing in the first place? Is it something you’ve always done?

No. It never even crossed my mind when I was younger. Reading was my escape and I just loved picking up a book and disappearing into it. I came to writing in a roundabout way, initially writing ‘verse’ in a former workplace…

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