Drabbles and horror blogs…

I’ve been contacting a trio of horror sites/blogs and podcasters with a view to appearing as a guest blogger/interviewer/podcaster to talk about why I write horror and why I enjoy horror as a genre- I’ve already mentioned Gingernuts and my article hopefully will be up on the site in the next week or 2 but Horror Addicts and Horror Scribes have both said yes to articles/interviews 🙂 including one with horror tree co-editor Steph Ellis.

Horror Scribes are planning on using my article on Val Lewton in a lead up to a podcast on Women in Horror generally and the book my story appeared in, Women in Horror Annual 2. Here’s the link to the Lewton article:-


Meanwhile I’ve just written a couple of new drabbles – 100 worders for submission to the Horror Tree. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile I’ve started reading Ali Harper’s thriller, The Disappeared– who will be visiting The Craft House in Saltaire on Tuesday 3 July to talk about her book and her writing career. Come join us, there are a few places remaining.


The Disappeared: A gripping crime mystery full of twists and turns!

The opening paragraphs of the book are cracking by the way, really grab you- buy a copy for 99p (what else is such good value these days?) and find out what I mean.


In other bits and bobs of news_

I will recording a poem ‘Tiger Watching‘ with my son’s techhy help to send to editor Gerald So as an audio file for his site https://poemsoncrime.blogspot.com/ for publication later in July. I’m rather excited about that.



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