Piece of flash by Gillian- starring Charlie Chaplin and Mae West…

Here’s a short piece written by friend/creative writing student of mine Gillian Wright- which with my love of old movies went straight to my heart but it is witty and funny too.

I’ve titled it:

When Charlie Fell for Mae.

“….and Action!” shouted the Director through his white metallic megaphone.

The little man, in his tight jacket, baggy trousers, bowler hat and walking cane waddled on to the harbour film set. Looking straight ahead, he gave his moustache a wiggle and fell over the treasure chest.

“Cut!” The Director stood up from his chair and strode over towards Charlie Chaplin. “No, no, no. Not like that. It’s got to be more natural and I’ve got to get more laughs than just you falling over the trunk. I want you to disembark from the ship. After that, walk over to the covered treasure chest. Sit down on it and look as if you’re contemplating. Next, walk about a bit still thinking and THEN fall over the chest. That’ll get more laughs.”

“…and Action!”

Charlie Chaplin walked on, did his routine and in walked Mae West. She stood at the side watching, distracting Charlie with her low cut evening gown and fancy fur stole.

Charlie tripped over the trunk and fell with a thud.

“Cut! That’s great Charlie. It’s a wrap.”

Charlie stood and walked over to Mae.

“You look wonderful tonight.”

“I’m always wonderful at night. Why don’t you come up and see me sometime?”

Charlie said nothing, but took her by the arm and walked her out of the studio.

Here are pics of the 2 stars:-

Image result for photo of mae west   Image result for photo of chaplin


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