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Ebook giveaway !!!!!

Devil Dragon was shortlisted for the Australian Shadows Award “Best Horror Novel of 2016”.

(I read this and loved it- great action thriller)

The giveaway will run for about two months – until my June newsletter comes out. Open exclusively to newsletter subscribers. The winner will be picked at random. Only the winner will be notified.

Book review

The Horror Tree is a resource for writers, posting submission information on open markets plus articles, news and interviews.

UK author Alyson Faye reviews my collection, Perfect Little Stitches and Other Stories, for The Horror Tree. She writes, “Sheldon is very good at packing in a great deal of detail and terror into a few pages, never outstaying her welcome. This collection should be on every horror reader’s list for 2018.”

You can read the full review here.


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