The Viewing

A new piece of flash fiction up- 300 worder- inspired by a workshop I attended at Writers’ Day Leeds Uni Trinity Horsforth

Horror Scribes

by Alyson Faye

Titus’ corpse looks as handsome in death as in life, Amelia thought, as she bent to kiss his cold cheek.

Her eyes filled with tears. She missed her husband’s voice, his touch, his laugh.
Amelia strode to the parlour door, locked it, pulled the heavy drapes closed before extracting a pair of silver stork handled sewing scissors from her velvet drawstring pouch. Bending over her dead husband’s head she snipped a lock of his blonde hair. For her locket, to be worn next to her heart.

“Mama are you there?”

Amelia smoothed her hair and opened the door. Facing her was her youngest child, Ernest. She eyed her exuberant son, then bending she whispered in his ear. Ernest nodded several times before he hop scotched his way across the hall.

The pile of black edged calling cards lay on the table. A reminder of the duties expected…

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