The Fifth Day of Christmas

My short piece starring Krampus has made it onto Horror Scribes’ shortlist of 12 pieces -you can read it below

Horror Scribes

By Alyson Faye

During December Grunen Baum Platz was a gaudy, glittering bauble. In the grand houses’ massive fir trees laden with hundreds of glowing candles bedecked the hallways.

“Oh Papa,” said Emilie, “my favourite time of year.”

Her father smiled, “St Nicholas will only come for good children.”

“I’ve been a good girl since..” Emilie’s thoughts skittered away from the memory of the day in the orchard, when her twin sister Lucia, had lain among the windfalls. Unmoving.
Later that night in the basement Jans Albrecht laboured on both his dead daughter and the gift for Krampus. He touched the doll lying on his workbench, stroking the silky black hair and the crimson velvet dress. He was especially proud of the eyes and he prayed Krampus would accept this gift instead of taking Emilie. She had not meant to hurt Lucia.

It had been an accident. A game.


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2 thoughts on “The Fifth Day of Christmas

  1. Irene Lofthouse says:

    Lovely piece Alyson. Reminds me of Angela Carter’s short story of the puppet that comes to life, Lady Purple.
    The setting really fits the story and Christmas.
    Great to see you getting so many pieces published.


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