Teaching, upcoming workshops and a new anthology out at the end of November….

I taught a one off workshop on how to write/edit short stories at Sunny Bank Mills gallery yesterday and said goodbye to the the little group there, who I’ve so enjoyed meeting and chatting to. One of the group sent me a lovely email where she said, “I have learnt so much more than I expected and it has reignited my love of writing……Thank you Alyson for your expert tuition. ”

I was so delighted to read that and receive similar feedback rom others. To inspire and share my love of language and writing fiction/poetry matters so much to me and if people leave my workshops wanting to write moreand enjoying it, then my job is done.

At the Craft House in Saltaire our group did a fun exercise around 8 words spewed out by the random generator. I have posted the short paragraphs we wrote as they are fun and were done swiftly under time pressure.

The words were;-

tawdry   pizza   patronize    liberate  tower     cajole       necklace     fluffy

We allowed ourselves some leeway to alter the endings with ‘ing’ or ‘ed’ or ‘s’:-

This is Melissa’s piece:-

This is exactly why I don’t like cats. Timber never learns. The airing cupboard with it’s tower of fluffy towels is not his spot to sit and relax. Damn. I knew I shouldn’t have left the door open when I nipped to the bathroom. Now I’ll have to cajole the little thing out of there. I swear those towels stink of him when he’s been nesting in there.
    “Timber, out,” I say, peering into the cupboard. It’s hard to be calm with a cat you despise. “Timber.” He’s deaf so I have to shout.
    Okay. This was not supposed to happen. Timber is pulling at my necklace.
    “Naughty Timber,” I say. “It’s no used glaring at me. I don’t like you. Matt is going to have to find you another home.”
Next up is Gillian’s:-

Random Word Piece by Gillian

Tawdry, pizza, patronise and liberate.


“Aren’t you ready yet?” yelled Tom up the stairs to Claire who was still putting on her make-up.

When Claire finally walked down the stairs Tom criticized her efforts and claimed her jacket looked tawdry.

They arrived at Pizza Hut in time to meet up with their friends. Claire always felt uneasy around Tom’s mates because they appeared to say things in a patronising way towards her. Deep down, Claire knew this relationship wasn’t going anywhere, but there was no way she could think of a way to liberate herself.

Constance it turns out has real flair for writing witty limericks- not so easy to do as you might think. I find it really tricky myself.

So here’s one she brought to class:-

There once was a fellow who’s head
Was so heavy it might have been lead.
It was filled up it seems
With high hopes and day-dreams.
Might be best if t’was brains there instead.

This is my effort:-

A Spoilt Princess

Princess a gorgeous, fluffy Persian wears her diamante necklace collar and leash, only after Jack had spent half an hour cajoling her with bits of his pizza, her favourite food. Jack stood up, towering over his pet.

Now was his chance to liberate the mouse from under his settee. This was the tawdry side of his beloved Princess.

He didn’t want to be patronising, but she was a fat fluffball who couldn’t kill for toffee. He was her clean up man.


I have 2 creative writing workshops coming up:-

One in Saltaire at the Craft House on Wednesday 13 December 10-1pm

and it has a Christmas theme- write a unique gift for someone- and take your work away with you to frame..

Here’s the link- http://www.saltairecrafthouse.com/announcements/christmas-creative-writing-workshop.

Christmas Creative Writing Workshop at Saltaire Craft Housse

In January 2018 I have linked up with Bingley artist Jane Fielder to do a workshop at her lovely gallery at 29 Park Road on Monday 22 January, 2018 1-3.30pm.

You can book at the gallery in person or by phone;-01274  552143

It is £20 per person and there is a maximum of 8 places to fill.

Below is a sample of Jane’s artwork on one of the themes we will write about in the workshop- Childhood Memories

jane fielder creative writing workshop flyer

Finally the proofs of the 2nd Otley Writers Group’s anthology have arrived. I am proofreading it before the world launch along with author John Ellis aka J. R. Ellis best selling crime writer of ‘The Body in Jingling Pot’ available on amazon to buy. And Sandy Wilson the driving force behind these books- also a popular author with books available on amazon.

Product DetailsProduct Details

Here is the cover of the Otley book- The Darkening Season- looks fab.

No automatic alt text available.



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