Women in Horror Annual 2 is out to buy….

Women in Horror Annual 2 (WHA) by [Katz, C. Rachel]

Available as an e book on http://www.amazon.co.uk ( it will be available as print on demand later). The annual features 13 short stories and one essay. The editor Rachel Katz describes my story, ‘Mother Love’ as ‘…gothic… moody and atmospheric…’ 🙂 Thank you to Rachel for including my story, making some excellent editorial suggestions and supporting me.

She also has this comment to make about women writing horror- “Having gone two rounds of gathering up horror stories from both sides of the Atlantic, I can say with certainty that not only does ‘mainstream’ horror publishing and by extension, booksellers, under – represent women, but there’s less diversity in terms of subject matter;I’ve yet to receive a vampire story, and I can count on one hand the number of zombie submissions I’ve read (ie written by women).”

Interesting? I thought so. I have written and had published a flash piece starring zombies, but set against the backdrop of Halloween at a paint balling park. My upcoming- still in progress – ghost story collection includes vampiric ghost children, a demon, a haunted hospital, and a resurrected Reverend who dabbled in black magic.

Why do I like writing in this genre so much? I have always enjoyed as a child time slip, ghost stories like ‘The Amazing Mr Blunden’ (book and film) and it’s not too many steps away from there towards adult ghost stories and what I call ‘quiet, implied horror’ not graphic gore or violence.

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