Summer hols are coming……

Well my writing class in Otley is winding down this week 😦 but we will keep in touch over the summer and meet up at Wetherspoons. Our last homework set by James Nash was to write about Angels, inspired by the wonderful David Almond, ‘Skellig’ book. I really enjoyed getting to grips with the heavenly bodies and my piece is called, ‘Angel’s Wing’ – here is the opening paragraph:-

“Running for the school bus with Monday morning hair and bad breath, I trip and fall, skinning my knees and watch the bus dwindle into the distance.

Weak winter sunlight glints on something silver under the privet hedge.

‘Probably chewing gum foil,’ I think but I crawl over to grab it.

Above me, a huge stone angel looms, feet firmly entombed in stone. St Peter’s graveyard. Ma’s local as me and Dad joke.

It isn’t foil instead my fingers feel soft gauze; the light refracting off the sewn in silver thread. It is a beautiful piece of fabric. I imagine fairies have woven it on tiny looms.

‘All dreams you are. No common sense.’ Mum tells me.

A deep voice startles me, ‘That’s a piece of ‘Angel’s Wing’ you’ve got there love.’”


I was highly commended in Morgen Bailey’s latest monthly 100 word competition, on the prompt ‘ German’.  My piece is ‘Visiting with Dad.’  The prize is some editing/critiquing from Morgen, which is very useful because Morgen has brought on some of my work hugely.

I have heard from Gill James of Chapel Town Books and we are up and running at work on my Flash Fiction Collection, provisionally titled ‘Badlands’. I have sent in a possible couple of cover pics/ dedication/ acknowledgments and still have to write a mini bio for the back cover, a strap line and an intro.

I have several events in the diary in the autumn at book fairs/festival events where I would like to read from my book and promote it. All very exciting.

Meanwhile I keep sending my fiction off:- Buckshot magazine/The Word Factory/NAWG/Pennine Ink/The Drabble/are all the lucky recipients of my fiction!!! But you gotta be in it to win it!! and you definitely have to persevere putting your fiction out there.



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