It’s hotter than Athens, my creative brain is melting but I have bits of news to share….

We’ve been watching Artic bound Season 1 of ‘Fortitude’ on dvd, wallowing visually in all that snow while we bake here in Bingley.

Today, The Casket of Fictional Delights edited by Joanna Sterling, has published my short story, The Pool Man; It is also available to listen to as an audio recording read (very creepily) by Rachael Beresford. I’ve just had a listen with my son, Josh,  (captive family member- so no escape) and thought it sounded really professionally done. Thank you to Joanna and Rachael. Here’s the link:- who publish 80 word pieces of flash on line and soon in mini print anthologies to raise funds for homeless people. I have 3 pieces on their shortlist for publication. It is a great idea, based on the Big Issue magazine business model.

It is National Flash Fiction Day on Sat 24 June, and Calum Kerr on his blog is running an all day FF event; he and other guest editors like Susan Howe and Cassandra Parkin are choosing pieces to put up there on

My piece, Cannon Fodder, has been selected to go up there at 18.00. I am delighted.





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