I’ve been struggling to fit in any original writing lately what with promoting Runaway Umbrella on line, editing/rewriting a trio of pieces for Otley Writers latest book, singing, crafting,swimming and pilates- which is very, very hard and don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t!

I’ve entered the Casket of Fictional Delights 300 wordFlash fiction comp- because their editor Joanna Sterling was one of the earliest magazines to publish my work and give me encouragement; much appreciated. I’ve entered a couple pieces to Gothic.net mag for consideration and Y.A. mag Cicada too.

I have to make a decision. A writing decision. Which project do I next commit to- one of the back burner ones? My 1940’s crime novella or my Y.A. novel set in 1910 in Bingley or something else. I still would like to keep writing some flash though to keep my brevity muscles flexed.

My own collection of Flash, due out from Chapel Town Books, which I’ve provisionally titled ‘Badlands’ -do you like that title? It was a film in the 1970’s with Martin Sheen by the way. Will be out later in the summer I guestimate.

I’m advertising my services as a proof reader (£10 per 1000 words) on Gill James’ blog and sites. I’ve proof read a fair few MS’s lately (mine and friends) and I’m also dipping my creative toes into the pools of tutoring. I am looking into running creative writing workshops in the autumn in Saltaire. More news to follow.

Meanwhile editor Stuart Conover at Horror Tree has accepted 2 more drabbles by me for his Trembling with Fear pages to be out imminently.


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