Halloween stories and joining Gill James’ Dream Team….

I am currently writing/editing a trio of pieces to submit to Otley Writers WEA group’s latest proposed publication, an anthology with a Halloween theme, provisionally titled, ‘The Darkening Season’. My pieces of short to longer flash fiction include- ghosts/zombies/a shadow thief who steals children’s soul parts- so all pretty creepy. Good fun though.

I have also signed up to join indie press publisher Gill James‘ so called Dream Team- a stable of reviewers/beta readers/editors/proof readers/illustrators etc who would link up under her umbrella to advertise/review and support each others’ work.

Gill has kindly given me an author page at http://www.gilljameswriter.eu/p/blog-page.html with the usual beaming photo of me (probably the only good pic of me I like taken in the last 5 years!!!) promoting my skills as a beta reader/reviewer proof reader. I’ve had quite a lot of practise reading writing friends’ MS’s plus my own work so I thought I’d sign up for it officially as it were.




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