The Runaway Umbrella has a page at BookHippo….

Yes BookHippo has the book listed at with the cover image and some bio about me. If you click on the Kindle button it will take you to the amazon page to download a sample or to buy the e book. Magic huh!

I’ve had my first review on amazon (from Sandy)- which is a lovely review. He writes:-

“A very well written children’s story full of imaginative twists and turns that carry the reader to the final sentence. The brilliantly whimsical illustrations compliment the story perfectly. An excellent book for any child.”
I am really pleased to complete this project and get the book out there. Now I can move on to think about a) my upcoming Flash Fiction collection with Chapel Town Books due out fairly soon;  b) what my next project after that is going to be? Possibly a YA novel set in Edwardian times in Bingley where I live.
Having learned a lot about KDP recently, I feel tonnes more confident about uploading say a collection of short stories (all text no illustrations) on my own without the huge amount of input my tech wizard husband has given to the Umbrella project.

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