Revving up….

yep things are revving up big style after a lull- I’ve had 2 stories accepted for pub- one from horror press who’ve accepted a longer version of my Gothic story ‘Mother Love’– and Digital Fiction Publishing Corp (based in Canada) who were asking for reprints have accepted ‘A Gift for Krampus’ (contract and all). Stuart Conover at\ Horror Tree has taken a drabble of mine for pub in April.  I am chuffed. It balances out the rejections I’ve also had lately but don’t publicise as much.

Meanwhile back here chez maison Rhodes, husband and I are doing final edits and plan to upload onto Amazon Kindle my story for children ‘The Runaway Umbrella‘ over the Easter break. This project has been on the back burner for a few months now.  This story I originally sent to Oxford Uni Press many many moons ago and they liked it enough to hold onto it but in the end didn’t publish it. I have rewritten it since, and commissioned some illustrations off a very talented artist/illustrator student Chandni Soren, which look amazing and I am hoping it will be a good combo of her pics and my story.

Gill James of Chapel Town Books and me are doing edits of my Flash Fiction collection as well- the stories are now placed in an order with 5 sub sections within the main collection and I’ve got to come up with a title- not that easy to do-. It will be fantastic to have a book of my flash fiction in my hot little hand.



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