Writing is not always fun is it? 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration didn’t someone say? Well I concur. I have had a Flash fiction piece accepted by for their online web journal-due to be published in April- see above for title.

It is a fantasy mystical piece but with a crime in it too. I have rewritten the piece several times, over several weeks- though I have stuck with the same title which came to mind quite quickly. I have changed the ending about 4 times too! Endings are the fictional bane of my life.

I love the first idea when it is taking root and the avalanche of words that follows, but have to say the rewriting/editing process is not as exciting to me. Though contrarily at the end of it- well you’ve never really finished with a piece it’s more like it walks away from you into the literary horizon- I feel a sense of satisfaction when it is stronger.




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