Horror Tree – my story is a leaf on its trunk….

Today, my short story, ‘The Adelphi’ is published by Horror Tree blog/website creator Stuart Conover at www.horrortree.com/category/trembling-with-fear/

Stuart was really supportive and sent a nice helpful email back suggesting some minor edits- I notice his own horror tales are appearing in anthologies currently quite a lot.

The spooky tale is partly inspired by the grand old hotel of that name in Liverpool, where my mum used to go dancing in the 1950’s. Thereafter my imagination took over as to what is lurking in the basement!

Above is the photo Stuart chose to go with the story.

I also enjoy horror films- watched low budget B zombie film ‘The Rezort’ starring Dougray Scott (who had about 5 lines of dialogue to mumble and was clearly there for the free holiday in the Canaries) but hey- it was surprisingly creepy and effective. World War Z writ small.

It’s been half term- trips to IKEA/Go Outdoors etc dominated but I’ve also done some editing and rewriting and submitted to :-Bridge and Tunnel books/on the premises comp/For Books’ Sake ghosts anthology call out/ and Three Drops from the Cauldron Beltane anthology call.

I won 2nd place in Morgen Bailey’s  https://morgenbailey.wordpress.com/ 100 word comp a little while back and she offered a prize of editing 1500 words of a piece of my work. Feedback is so useful and worth having. So I sent in my new short story, ‘Hospital Blues’, a ghost story set in Bingley (where I live) in both the modern day and back in WW1. The title has double meanings- it refers obviously to how folks feel when they’re in hospital, how the girl in the story feels about her life and it’s also a reference to the uniform injured WW1 soldiers were issued with! Clever huh!

Next up is getting my mini package of stories up to speed to submit to http://alfiedog.com/fiction/







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