Rejections and perseverance-

I’ve had a bit of a dry quiet spell writing wise not life wise- with a flurry of rejections for my short stories from a few mags (on line). One editor was probably trying to be encouraging when he replied- ‘Thanks for submitting three pieces. Not bad. Not for us at this time, but keep writing. You work shows promise.’ However I had rather hoped that my work had risen above the ‘not bad’ level by now! And that my ‘promise’ was rather more developed. Oh the slings and arrows to our egos.

However Annie Evett of indie Australian Press Raging Aardvark got in touch with all us Flash Fiction authors who are going to be in Twisted Tales 2016/7 after a long silence to say – hurrah!- the book is back on and will be out in February- or soonish. This is great news.

My WEA Otley writing group have announced the launch of their book, The Pulse of Everything. Friday March 10th at Otley Courthouse. I have some pieces of Flash in the anthology which several of the members have worked very hard to put together.

Editor Stuart Conover of the Horror Tree blog has accepted my short story, The Adelphi for publication on his site. This is a longer piece than Flash length and Stuart asked me to do some minor rewrites for it. I am of course nothing but the Queen of Rewrites- so I made some changes and now he is happy to publish it.

I follow the Horror Tree site regularly and use them as a useful resource for entering my fiction to horror mags. Well worth checking out.

I also would like to mention Chapeltown Books, led by writer/editor/publisher Gill James, has launched Allison Symes‘ Flash Fiction collection, From Light to Dark and back Again available at

Allison writes creepy dark pieces (remind you of anyone?) and I had come across her fiction on line where she’s sometimes entered the same comps as me, but she’s usually done considerably better than moi! She is a really talented writer and well worth a read.

Chapeltown Books have been looking to sign authors with Flash Fiction collections and I have followed in Allison’s steps and signed a contract with Gill James for my own collection to come out in April, both as a print book and an e-book.

This is amazing news and I was/am so delighted. I have written more pieces of Flash in the last 18 months or so than I realised and collating the majority of them all was fantastic and useful.

Once the book is out there will be some PR/marketing/school visits/begging and pleading to buy it from me- so it will keep me occupied.



4 thoughts on “Rejections and perseverance-

  1. allisonsymescollectedworks says:

    Many thanks, Alyson, for the congratulations, and the lovely mention on your blog. All very much appreciated! Congratulations too on your own success with Chapeltown. We “Allisons/Alysons” should support one another!! Good luck with your own book too.


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