2017 writing plans

I have plans -big plans- for this year – writing wise- Kindle children’s book/ Flash fiction collection/anthologies/crime novella/ world domination etc etc

In the now- I have made the short list for the horror anthology ‘Mrs Rochester’s Attic’ from Mantle Press at www.red-lighthouse.org.uk with my short story, the Victorian gothic chiller, ‘Mother Love’. Fingers crossed.

Shannon who runs www.101words.org emailed me a contract for an upcoming Kindle book which will include my piece ‘Crow.’ (due out later in the year).

Today on  https://zeroflash.org/2017/01/02/januarys-zeroflash-entries Dave Wing’s FF site, which runs a monthly themed Flash competition, there is a new piece by moi out- ‘No Home for Holly’. This deals with the issue of homelessness and living on the street, an issue close to my heart.

I am hoping to rewrite/edit/publish my 1940’s British noir crime novella under the mentorship of crime writer Alison Taft this year as well; if she’ll take me on- this would be a longish piece of fiction for me.

I have other news which I am keeping under wraps at the moment- but I am excited about what the upcoming months are bringing my way.

It’s my birthday next Wednesday, not a big one though, so I can claim to be 47 again :)- and writing wise I feel very happy.


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