Ghosts and Haunted writings….

Today at The Orange Box in Halifax I attended a FREE ghost story writing workshop led by author/performer/tutor Adam Robinson, the writer of the hit and often sold out theatre play ‘The Book of Darkness and Light’. Find out more at :

It was a great workshop- full of advice, references to the ghost writing greats of the genre, take a bow M.R.James et al, writing exercises, encouragement and help with story structure. I can honestly say it’s one of the best writing workshops I’ve attended. There was a really warm buzz in the room. Orange Box is a fantastic place for teens to go as well with a bouldering mini wall, pool table, cafe and courts. Very impressed. They even laid on a mini buffet for us!

I’ve got the bare bones (sorry about the pun) of a ghost story started- which is a bonus.


2017 writing plans

I have plans -big plans- for this year – writing wise- Kindle children’s book/ Flash fiction collection/anthologies/crime novella/ world domination etc etc

In the now- I have made the short list for the horror anthology ‘Mrs Rochester’s Attic’ from Mantle Press at with my short story, the Victorian gothic chiller, ‘Mother Love’. Fingers crossed.

Shannon who runs emailed me a contract for an upcoming Kindle book which will include my piece ‘Crow.’ (due out later in the year).

Today on Dave Wing’s FF site, which runs a monthly themed Flash competition, there is a new piece by moi out- ‘No Home for Holly’. This deals with the issue of homelessness and living on the street, an issue close to my heart.

I am hoping to rewrite/edit/publish my 1940’s British noir crime novella under the mentorship of crime writer Alison Taft this year as well; if she’ll take me on- this would be a longish piece of fiction for me.

I have other news which I am keeping under wraps at the moment- but I am excited about what the upcoming months are bringing my way.

It’s my birthday next Wednesday, not a big one though, so I can claim to be 47 again :)- and writing wise I feel very happy.

Writing this Christmas and into the New Year-

well honestly I could lie but I won’t – Christmas was a bit of a wash out- creative writing wise – only did about 2 new short pieces (rough drafts)- but just before the hols I did enter about 4 mags/comps- all free ones – cos I’m tight and don’t want to pay the entry fees which seem to be getting higher and higher.


Next up is editing my ghost story ‘The Resurrection of the Reverend Greswold’

and putting my children’s book up on Kindle- yes I know I’ve been saying that for ages but it’s going to happen soon.

Set up a wordpress blog for Saltaire Writers’ Group

I’ve been a member of SWG (on and off) for 3-4 years now. It meets in the Mill Building in Saltaire opposite Titus Salt’s original mill which is now famous for housing a great Hockney collection. We are a small group, who all enjoy some aspect of writing whether it’s poetry, Flash fiction or novels.

Enlisting my son’s expertise with computing (he is indeed a tech star- well in my eyes!) he guided me through setting up the writing group’s first ever website with accompanying cool photos.

It is available to view at:-

The rest of the group meet up again next Monday and will see it then and have their say in how it looks.

We are planning to run a free writing competition in 2017, increase our publicity for the group, draw new members (?), maybe even run a workshop? who knows- the sky’s the limit.