Today not 1 but 2 blogger/writers have given me a mention – Patsy Collins and Esther Newton- many thanks

Me and my fiction and this blog have had a mention in Patsy CollinsĀ  blog at

Esther Newton on her blog today hosts me as her guest writer with a brief bio about me and a piece of my Flash fiction.

Thank you so much to both Esther and Patsy- I really appreciate their support.

Flash piece ‘Nest of Bones’ accepted for publication…

and entry into competition on (with possible audio narration podcasts and posting on youtube channel to follow on ).

Very exciting news- this is a new piece recently written up from an idea I had while attending Ebba Brooks‘ creative writing workshop in Leeds earlier in the year- so don’t chuck out your old ideas or notes – recycle and reuse. There is a literal ‘nest of bones’ too in the story- well of course there is -otherwise it wouldn’t be me would it?

Anthology arrived today and I’m curating my Flash Fiction pieces for possible publication as a collection

Exciting stuff for a grey chilly Monday morning- the paperback copy of Black Pear Press ( anthology arrived; A Cache of Flashes with my story in it on page 21!

Super blogger Esther Newton has agreed to feature my bio and 2 pieces of my flash on her blog as Guest Writer- will confirm the date when I know.

Gill James who runs small publishing press Chapeltown – – after an email exchange – has read a sample of my Flash fiction and asked to see more- I have roughly 40 pieces !! Amazing! I didn’t realise I had that many.

I am now pulling them together to send to Gill- quite a big job in itself – she is planning to publish a few Flash Fiction collections next year and is looking to sign new authors.
I would have to have at least 100 pieces though- so got quite a lot more to write. But I am very excited, because Gill, who has tons of experience and writes herself, is giving me this chance.

50 worder out online today

Here it is below for those of you who follow my blog-plus the photo which inspired it too.


We wander, hand in hand, threading our way through the long grass. Watched by dead eyes.

Among the mossy tombstones, shadows flit like ravens. You tug at my hand, eager to be free.

A bedraggled child appears, beckoning, enticing you.

It is time to let you go. My soul mate.